Why is the Polyester Power Hour (PPH) popular?  The Friday morning show that originally started nearly 17 years ago as a one hour broadcast, has evolved into a nearly 4 hour morning sensation.  But why?

The music!  The music is the star.  The seventies and eighties music, that, in it's day we all thought would never stand the test of time, continues to catapult the Acadiana area into weekend mood every Friday morning with CJ and Debbie Ray on 99.9 KTDY.

Steve Wiley and I had a conversation about the PPH three years into, both convincing each other that it would never last.  Boy were we wrong!  It is as popular today as it was back then.

To me, that's a testament as to how good that music really was/is, even though many didn't think so back in the day, and a testament to the people of Acadiana's ability to know good music.  Artists and groups like The Gap Band, K. C. & the Sunshine Band, Michael Jackson, Kool & the Gang, Donna Summer, etc. make the PPH what it is.

Requests on Friday morning are through the roof.  As a matter of fact, we can't ever get to them all.

The PPH was today (Thursday) because tomorrow is a company holiday and Good Friday for many.  Next week the PPH returns to it's original time slot, Friday morning at approximately 6:30AM.

The Polyester Power Hour was named by a part-timer when we were all just sitting in the control room talking one morning.  Even thought the show's time was extended, we never changed the name.