Why are packages so hard to open these days?  Is it because uncaring people were taking items out of the packaging in stores, putting the item in their pocket and walking out without paying?  Probably!  But I'm not one of those people. I work hard and pay, in some way, for everything I own.  Therefore, when I get home, I'd like to be able to enjoy the items I purchase without having to get out a chainsaw and pliers.

I have often times on the air talked about CD wrapping.  Between the plastic surrounding new CDs and that security tape, I don't know how anyone ever gets to listen to the CD inside.  A record label once asked me, "How can we sell more CDs?"  I said, "Make it easier for people to get to the CD after making the purchase!"

I just moved into a new house and wanted to replace some of the light bulbs.  I wanted to use energy efficient lighting.  I researched florescent and LED lighting and decided to try that type of lighting in certain areas of the new house.  Sounds fairly simple right?  Purchasing the items was simple, but getting the bulbs out of the packaging was like trying to get into a bank vault.  It was like I needed to be trained for the next 'Oceans Eleven' movie just to be skilled enough to open a package of light bulbs.

Last week I picked up chicken breasts from Sam's Club.  Chicken!  What could be hard about getting chicken breasts out of a package consisting of Styrofoam and plastic wrap?  Well, each chicken breast was individually wrapped in plastic.  Therein lies the problem.  I really liked the idea of each piece of chicken being individually wrapped.  After all, I would only be cooking one at a time anyway.  And this way the rest could stay frozen.  This concept was brilliant...I thought.  Until I tried to get to the chicken breast itself.  First, I tried to separate the plastic that surrounded the chicken by pulling the two flaps of plastic at the very top in the opposite direction.  It looked as though these flaps were put there for me to pull apart, therefore separating each so that the chicken breast would be exposed for my cooking pleasure...Nope!  One could have hooked each plastic flap to the bumper of two Buicks, one headed North the other South and this chicken wouldn't have been set free.  After the use of scissors, a knife and prayer did the chicken finally slip out of the package, through my fingers into the sink and down into the garbage disposal.  I ate Funyuns and went to bed.

Just yesterday I stopped by CVS to get a 5 Hour Energy.  Long day, needed a jolt since I had more day than I had energy, simple right?  Wrong!  Have you ever tried to get the top off of a 5 Hour Energy shot?  It's impossible.  You would think the manufacture would know that you are already tired and weak, that's why you buy the product.  At first I tried to unscrew the very small and hard to grip top attached to the bottle that now holds the ingredients I need to stay alive.  After nearly 5 minutes of trying to twist the cap off, lefty loosey, I could not.  Now, I not only feel tired and weak, but at this juncture one could also add looser and failure to words that would describe my inner most feelings.  After examining the container closely, I realized it had some sort of plastic wrap that covered the entire bottle including the cap.  This wrapping was all one piece.  So, I thought, what I need to do is separate the plastic covering the cap from the rest of the bottle, this will allow the cap to spin.  If it turns, it will come off.  Simple right?  Nope!  You see, I'm convinced the plastic used to wrap a bottle of 5 Hour Energy is made by NASA.  These tiny bottles could go through the atmosphere, into space, circle the Sun, drop down through the atmosphere again, fall to Earth at the speed of light and land on a shelf at CVS and bottle would look PERFECT!  I am now using my 5 Hour Energy bottle to prop up one corner of my box spring and mattress.  The liquid still inside for when I have enough energy to get to it.

I searched www.youtube.com to see if I could find an instrument that would help me get into packages a bit easier.  Here is what I found...