Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryanhas endeared himself to Who Dat Nation by being publicly accessible, walking into New Orleans area bars & buying rounds of drinks after home victories. More importantly, he turned the worst defense in NFL history into an aggressive top 10 defense despite having to cope with a rash of injuries.

Sammy Kershaw is a Louisiana guy. The Kaplan native worked at an Acadiana radio station, has run for public office, and is a diehard Saints fan.Rob's apparently quite a fan of Sammy. He had the cover art from Sammy's "Better Than I Used To Be" CD on his laminated play sheet at last week's playoff game against the Eagles.

Sammy told Digital Rodeo, "Rob sent me a text message and told me he was going to put the album art on his play sheet.  I was so excited when I saw it on TV!" I'm honored and humbled that my album cover was included next to the picture of his dad and other things that are obviously very important to him.  The Saints are my team so I am over-the-top excited to know that Rob Ryan is a fan of my music."
Kershaw added he'll be watching the game on TV while in New York, taping for the Fox News Channel.