Football stirs people's emotions. That includes me. Everyone has a favorite team, a favorite player, and we all have teams & players that make our blood boil. I've been a Saints fan for more than 30 years & have no love for the other teams in the NFC South...Especially Atlanta! A co worker recently asked, "If you weren't a Saints fan, who'd be your team?" I replied, "New York Giants." My Dad was a Giants fan. We watched 'em every Sunday when I was a kid. There's no love in my heart for the Cowboys, Redskins, or Eagles...especially Michael Vick.

More than a thousand people were recently asked to name their most disliked NFL players.

The likes of Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are widely admired. The NFL has its share of "villains" as well. Michael Vick tops the list. More than half of survey respondents expressed their dislike for him.

Vick’s image hasn't recovered his role in a dog-fighting ring, despite the fact that he's been out of jail for four years.

Manti Te’o  is #2 on the list. I'm pretty surprised a rookie would be the second most disliked player in the NFL. The fake girlfriend must have really wierded a lot of people out!

Here's the top 10...

#1. Michael Vick...53%
Manti Te’o...48%
Ndamukong Suh...43%
(tie) Ben Roethlisberger...40%
(tie) Mark Sanchez...40%
Jay Cutler...33%
Tony Romo...32%
Tom Brady...25%
Carson Palmer...24%
Reggie Bush...22%