Here are your clues for the new round which began on 9/19/11:

9/19/11... I'm around.

9/20/11... I'm up.

9/21/11... I'm down.

9/22/11... Timeless.

9/23/11...I affect you.


In addition to the KTDY General Contest Rules, the following also apply:

Contest Dates: 9/19/11- till  (End date is subject to change as contest evolves depending on the number of clues required to complete each segment.)

Prize: Each segment begins at $100, with $100 added to the prize with each incorrect answer.

How to Win:  Be caller #9 and use your deductive skills when given the cue to call and correctly identify “Who’s in the Box” to win.

Clues will be announced on the CJ and Debbie Ray show at approximately 7:20 AM and will then be available to Winners Club members at

Players will be given the cue to call (337)237-KTDY and tell DJ “Who’s in the Box” between 9-10am, 12-1pm and 5-6pm weekdays, excluding holidays.

When a player answers correctly, the prize returns to $100 and a new contest begins on the next eligible day of play.

Note: When listening on the internet, there is a delay.