Who was Lee?  Did you know him?  I didn't, but I bet many of you did.  Especially if you frequent Shop Rite on Ambassador Caffery near Dulles Dr. in Lafayette.On my way into KTDY this morning, I noticed on the LED display out front of the Louisiana owned convenience store, there was a message somewhere between what wine was on sale and a holiday greeting, that said, "RIP Lee".

Having never met Lee, not that I can remember at least, I thought to myself...I bet Lee was a pretty good person.  You see, Lee had to be.  Reason being, Lee had to have made enough of a lasting impression on someone, so much so that, that person actually took the time to tell the rest of us about him.  To whom ever keyed that message into the computer that operates that sign, Lee mattered.

As I said in my parting words on the air this morning, my wish for you and those around you in the coming New Year is that you know you matter and so does everyone else you know, love, or come in contact.  We all do!  We just don't act like it sometime.

I was moved in the wee hours of the morning today by someone I never met, but Lee reminded me about legacy, what we leave behind.  Lee reminded me that all living things matter.  That we all have a place and space, it's how we use both that will determine our legacy.

Make 2013 a pivotal year for yourself and if you don't already realize this, you are special and have the power to make positive changes in this world.  Sometime those changes will be benefit you, sometime others, but either way the whole world will be a better place because you did.

Thanks Lee!