If you don't have someone who inspires you in the workplace, work will be just that... WORK!

Have you ever awakened to a loud alarm clock and wondered why, why do I have to wake up and go to work?  If so, you're not alone.  Millions of Americans think that everyday.  Most say they simply hate what they do.  But is that the real reason?

Do you have a buddy at work?  Someone you can trust.  A person who has your back.  In a cutthroat world, especially in the workplace, it's hard to find a work pal.  But when you do, work will become a better place.

A work friend can be someone you chum up with at work and that's where the relationship ends, or a person you also see after hours.  Statistics prove that people who live alone are not as happy as people who have pets.  Research also finds married people are happier than single folks and live longer.  People who find a friend at work, are generally happier as well.

The key is balance.  What that means is, be careful who you choose and how much of you, you give to this person.  Find someone you like.  Someone who makes you smile.  Someone you can trust when you have to vent.  Someone who will be on your side when they need to be.  In return, you must give the same respect.

What if you end up befriending more than one person in your workplace?  Then consider yourself blessed.  But be careful, workplace jealousy is difficult and can stir things up behind your back.

The moral of this story is this, no job is perfect but it sure does make work much more pleasing to have one or more people to share in all the garbage we all have to put up with.  Work is called work for a reason, it's not called playtime or happy hour, it's a place we go to make money by providing a service.  We deliver our skills and every few weeks we are rewarded for our efforts.  This process usually lasts most of our lives.  Find something you at least like to do and if you find a gig you love, even better.  Make sure you are rewarded appropriately or you will find yourself unhappy.  And last but not least, find a workplace pal.

Is there someone who inspires you at work.  Let us know who they are.  Salute the person or people who make your job not such an ugly place.