I was on a flight from Houston yesterday, and the plane had to "route step" around some weather activity; the new route took me over these Fleur-de-lis ponds.

Two uniquely-shaped ponds in Louisiana (Staff Photo)

Somewhere between Kaplan and North Vermilion High School is my best guess as to where they were located.

So many questions:  Who owns them?  Why were they made?  Is the owner a Saints fan?  Were these ponds dug professionally?  How big are they?  Are they stocked?  How deep are they?

Here's the same picture, zoomed-in on the ponds:

Who can tell me more about these Fleur-de-lis ponds? (Staff Photo)

One can see so many interesting things from the air, I love the different perspective afforded from up there.

So, who can give me more information about the ponds?