I am hoping that this was just a 'typographical' error, but I'm a fairly optimistic person, and am not correct very often....

I am a fan of Reddit (www.reddit.com; NOT family friendly!), and from time-to-time, I run across something local on that site.  This week, I came across a post regarding the St. Martinville Senior High School (SMSH) 2012 Class Reunion invitation.

When I first opened the link and read the invitation, I had to re-read to make sure that I had the date right, and then I read it again to make sure that I saw what I saw:  "White Graduates Only".  Really?  In 2012, whites only?

According to an ABC News story on Yahoo!, SMSH principal Michael Kreamer was disappointed:

"It's disappointing to see something like this," he said. "The school was really not involved at all in it."

The 'blocked out' portion of the invitation contained the address to a private residence; presumably one of the 'white' graduates hosting the get-together.  Here's the pic from Reddit:



Some of the comments on Reddit:

"Kackaro" says:  I don't mean any harm by this even though i'm probably about to get downvoted into oblivion. As long as you fund it yourself you can set whatever rules you want, as long as you are not hurting someone. IMO. But if you want to stop it go to the local news.

"OceanSkys" says: That is completely ridiculous. If I was a non-white graduate of this class, no apology would make up for it. I probably wouldnt attend any of it.

I know that racism is still alive and well, and not just in the South, but this breaks my heart.

How does this make you feel?


(Via Yahoo, ABC News, Reddit)