There are bad drivers everywhere, good ones, too. This obviously affects what you pay for car insurance. If it seems like you're paying a lot for your coverage, there's a reason. has published a report ranking the states with the worst drivers. Louisiana tops the list for the second year in a row. They compiled data on fatalities, and various moving violations, including OUI, seat belt violations, failure to honor stop signs & red lights, among others. The Daily Advertiser reports a local driving school owner agrees with the assessment. Malcolm Green, of Consolidated Safety of Acadiana, says, “Oh, yes. Most definitely,” adding “We definitely do have bad drivers not just in Louisiana but in the country.”  He says most traffic problems stem from distractions, and impatience.
Caleb Maturin, of First Choice Drivers Ed, agrees. Maturin says “Patience is king,” adding “Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.”