I love burgers. I've told you before, I sometimes have 'em for breakfast.

As the election draws near, there's a burning question, Which President Would You Like To Have A Burger With?

Harris Interactive conducted an online poll for the Denver - based fast food chain Smashburger. It indicates U.S. adults would rather have a burger with President Barack Obama than Mitt Romney. 59% of respondents said they would rather have a burger with the Democratic president than the Republican challenger. 64% of voters between the ages of 18 and 34 chose Obama and 54% of voters over 55 gave the same response.

Respondents were also asked which former president they would most like to have a burger with. Bill Clinton was the #1 choice at 22%, while 15% picked Abraham Lincoln. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Regan were popular choices at 14% each. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt each received 5%. Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush were each picked by 4%. Who would you choose?