When does age matter?  Or does it ever?  As I type this, I happen to be listening to a 40 year old Elvis Presley song which make me want to know even more...does age matter?

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I think age has to be considered in some situations, right?  A doctor can't be 12-years-old obviously.

Let's talk history.  Do I have to know someone 100-years-old to know what happened a hundred years ago?  Of course not.  All I have to do is hit the internet or read a book.

Do I have to be old to be smart.  I don't know about you, but I know some really really smart young people and some really really intellectually challenged older folks.

Money?  Do only established adults deserve it?  No way.  The hardest worker gets that worm.

What about singing?  Is there a time singers should stop singing?  Yes!

Driving a car, does age matter then?  Sure it does, and there are laws that say it does.

Does age matter as to who goes through a door before you, I think it should.  Especially if the other person is female.

When doing a job requiring physical strength, does age matter.  No.  As long as you have the muscular ability to do the job, you should continue to get paid.  Some people have powerful bodies well up in age, on the other hand many young people don't have the strength to push a lawn mower.  Age doesn't matter in this case.

Does age erode confidence?  At 50 I can attest to this, and the answer is yes.  However, I don't believe this to be the case with everyone.  For me, I feel it most when around young people at work or at play.  The world is faster today and that intimidates some older people.

And the biggie, does age matter in a relationship?  Yes and no.  Here's why, let's say one person in the relationship is 20 and the other is let's say 40, the 20-year-old will in no way have the life experiences of the 40-year-old.  The 20-year-old will want to do things that the 40-year-old probably won't like and may not even be able to do physically.  Romance in the sack might be amazing, but outside the bedroom, the relationship will not have enough commonality between the two to hold it together and in most cases won't last.  Now, let's say one person in the relationship is 40 and the other is 60, very very different.  At 40, a person has had enough rubber on the road to keep up with a 60-year-old in all facets of life.  The body has slowed significantly for both, tastes and financial situations are more likely to run more parallel.  Each would be more inclined to stay home rather than have a night on the town.  That relationship would have a chance.

So does age matter?  Sometimes, yes it does!