What's Your Favorite Sandwich? I posed that question earlier today on my Facebook page.



A lot of friends answered.

As expected, Club, Shrimp Po - boy and Muffaletta  topped the list. Reuben was a popular choice, too.

Garry Domingue commented, "Hard to beat a good Cuban Press." I'll have to press him for more details. I've enjoyed "Cuban" sandwiches before. I'd like to know more about his.
Rhonda Klein Tate caught my attention with this one, "I love to cook a beef or pork roast till it falls apart and take the gravy pour it over my bread(whatever is in the house) and pile on the meat."
There were a couple surprises. I don't know about this one from Michelle Molinari, peanut butter, banana & bacon.
To each, his (or her) own. There are some others, I'm not familiar with, Might have to try them out. How about you?