What's wrong with Lafayette drivers?  Let's make a list, shall we?

People from very large cities say Lafayette's traffic is much worse.  Why is this?  Is it because our roadways are inadequate?  Or is it because there is a population of our people who simply don't know how to drive?  Probably a little of both.

Here are the top 10 :

10.  When making a turn, TURN!  No need to slow the car down to the point where a snail passes you up.  Hit the blinker to indicate you will be turning, and TURN!

9.  THE LEFT LANE IS FOR FASTER TRAFFIC.  If you are in the left lane of ANY ROADWAY in my opinion and vehicles are using the right lane to go around you, MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE WHERE YOU BELONG!

8.  STAY IN YOUR LANE.  Why can't people stay in their lane?  There are lines on our roadways for a reason.

7.  It's not all about you.  There are other people sharing the road with you.  If your vehicle's rear end is poking itself where it has no business, because you misjudged a maneuver, FIX IT.  That's why your car has options like drive, reverse, an accelerator and a brake.  If you've made a foolish move, don't just leave your vehicle where it is to screw up the flow of traffic, readjust.  If you've overshot the intersection and there is no one behind you,  BACK UP!

6.  Check your brake lights.  Make sure all your indicators are working.

5.  Take the cigarette out of your mouth.  The other day, I saw a woman holding a cigarette in her mouth at a red light.  The smoke in her eyes was so thick, from 30 feet away, I could see her blinking her eyes rapidly and trying to see around the smoke as she pulled away when the light turned green.  Really?  Come on, really!

4.  We have some of the most inadequate roadways for our population.  Especially in the outlying areas.  Done with this one.

3.  GO THE SPEED LIMIT.  Unless you are driving in inclimate weather, move it, at least the speed limit please.

2.  When the light changes to green, GO!  Just GO!