More than 88 million people use the music app "Shazaam." I'm one of them. I was watching 'Dallas' and wanted to know about the song playing at the end. Shazaam told me it was "Come Unto Me" by the Mavericks.

The smartphone app not only enables us to identify songs when we hear them on the radio or TV, it may predict the " next big thing."

Rolling Stone reports, when you search, or tag a song, the information is entered into a database. Shazaam compiles "charts", similar to the famous Billboard charts. There's a major difference. The data is received, processed and published more quickly.

Record company executives, and radio programmers are able to observe musical trends with greater immediacy. Some of the major hits of recent months that began tracking on Shazaam before Billboard include 'Royals,' by Lorde, and 'Get Lucky,' by Daft Punk.