What do women REALLY want for Valentine's Day?  Well it's not flowers, candy or lingerie.

There's new proof that all women want for Valentines Day, or any day for that matter, is a lifelong commitment and an engagement ring.

More than 20% of women believe the perfect marriage proposal takes place on a deserted beach on February 14th, after exactly two years of dating. Women also said there should be an element of surprise and, of course, the whole getting-down-on-one-knee routine. One in ten women said asking their father’s permission beforehand is a must.

Just 10% of women said the ring is the most important thing, and more than 60% are open to helping choose theirs.  As one would imagine, women won't wait forever, with half the women saying they’d dump a guy who didn’t propose after five years of dating.

[Via:  Daily Mail]