I thought that it would be cool to give you a little insight into what my Facebook "friends" are posting tonight.... so, without any particular rhyme, nor reason, here is a sampling of what I'm seeing:


My Daddy is home!!!!!! And feeling soooo much better. Looks like we gonna have a great Christmas after all.

2 faced people are something else! I am in disbelief!

Someone who shall remain nameless was writing on Papa's truck with pink chalk...thank god he's cute!

Just drove from La Neuville at Bonin down Ambassador to Kaliste to Camellia to Johnston to Cajundome blvd...... NEVER again!

Can I just say..my brothers are some of the best daddies in the world. C**** and J**n are some lucky little guys..and I'm a lucky sister for having them in my life! —

Coming your way Rik Rak, fire up the grill and get the sushi rolling!

I liked this interview...it was refreshing to me given our current state of politics. Not a fan of O'Reilly, but I thought President Clinton was insightful, candid and personable.

Look! It's yum yum come get you some!

Looking forward to this evening. Going see my friend Kristi Guillory and the girls from Bonsoir Catin at Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge. Y'all come out and maybe Kristi will do a little Cinquante Piatres for you.

Just spent 3 hours doing my hair. Why, you ask? Well I spent 1 hour putting pin up curls in my hair, and then was reminded that J***'s family thing is tonight...so...I had to take them all out and figure out what the hell can I do with my hair now since it's stupid curled...:(

Open Mic with Hefe tonight see ya there

Mommy time....nothing better than a massage!

I look more forward to achieving my new years resolutions than receiving my Christmas wishes. I'm a go getter.

Least favorite part of the Christmas season is the couple days right before the festivities start and the WAITING!!!! I'm like a kid! I'm excited about watching the kids be so excited!!! Love that part:-)

Guess its just myself, the sofa & tv again tonight... *sigh

And last, but not least, my cousin N**l posted this :

Reading J.C.'s friends status updates !


Again, just a sampling of my friends' status updates from Facebook.  What was your status update for this evening??