Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage

A recent poll
has found surprising answers to that question we all think we know the answer (or answers) to: what do men and women first notice about each other when they first meet?

Below are the findings for each gender. I neither confirm or deny the accuracy of these findings as they pertain to me personally. I will say, though, that both lists are surprising.

What men notice first about women:

1. Eyes

2. Smiles

3. Breasts

4. Hair

5. Weight

6. Legs

7. Style

8. Butt

9. Height

10. Skin

What women notice first about men:

1. Eyes

2. Smiles

3. Height

4. Hair

5. Style

6. Weight

7. Skin

8. Face shape

9. Butt

10. Nose

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