A couple years ago, I was doing a remote during which I spent a couple hours in the company of two very nice ladies. They complained that watching the morning news put them in a bad mood & started their day on the wrong foot. I suggested they stop doing that & recommended a program I enjoyed daily while having my morning coffee. The show was "Sunrise Earth." It was one uninterrupted hour of high definition video shot at sunrise. The locations varied & were diverse, Cliffs of Dover, Florida Everglades, Geysers in Iceland, The coast of New Zealand, etc...There's something magical about a sunrise. Unfortunarely, "Sunrise Earth" is no longer on the air, but it is avalable on Blu-Ray & DVD.

There's something about watching the moon rise, too. It has a mystique, a romance that no one seems to be able to explain. It causes the tides of Earth's oceans. It's the ruling celestial body for the astrological sign of Cancer...And the songs! Les Paul & Mary Ford, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and the list goes on.
Take 3 minutes to watch this video. I think it will make you smile.