What if Apple changes all the cords for the new iPhone?  You realize what this means, if they do, the external equipment you've purchased for your current iPhone, even the power cord, won't work with the new one. That is, if there is a new one.  Apple hasn't even confirmed that there coming out with a new iPhone, however the rumors are flying.

According to a report, the new iPhone model will have a smaller connection port, meaning it won’t be compatible with existing charging cords and other devices including any device with a docking station.  The new port is rumored to be about one third the size of the port on your current iPhone.  This news has consumers very unhappy with Apple stating that the company is inconveniencing them and just trying to make them spend more.  "Every other phone manufacturer decided back in 2008 to conform to the MicroUSB standard, and that's been wonderful," said Scott Ableman in a TechCrunch story. "But Apple wants people to feel they have to buy proprietary accessories from them. Don't get me wrong. I respect them as marketers and profiteers. I just hate their contempt for me as a customer."  Apple is listening, and hopefully if there is a new iPhone on the way, they will decide to not change the connecting port.