This summer, Dave and I headed West to California for the 4th of July celebrations on Catalina Island, twenty six miles off the coast of Los Angeles. It's the nearest thing to the Mediterranean in North America. The climate is mild year-round; while we were there, the temperatures ranged from the 80's during the day to the 60's at night with low humidity. It was a nice escape from the 95 degree temperatures we left at home. The town there, Avalon, allows cars by permit only, and the wait for a permit is years, so most of the residents and all of the visitors drive golf carts. On July 4th, they host a golf cart parade. Now, it's not a parade in the Mardi Gras sense, but it's a lovely family oriented celebration of decorated tiny floats. This is the video I shot from the arch on the Casino Way walkway. The very end is the best part. The fire truck is last of course, and there's a little girl and her dog aboard. Sweet.