Who is the NFL's All Time leading scorer? You're probably running through a list of running backs & wide receivers in your mind.
Nope. Stop & think for a second. Any number of players can score touchdowns in a game. One person kicks all the PAT's, and field goals.

Former Saints kicker Morten Andersen is the NFL's all time leading scorer. He's, ironically the all time leading leading scorer for both the Saints, and the Atlanta Falcons. "The Great Dane" played for the Saints from 1982-94, when he was cut by head coach Jim Mora. He was a 7 time Pro Bowler, and officially retired in 2008. Morten has been named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2014. Longevity has long been a heavily considered factor by hall of fame voters. Short, brilliant careers like that of former Bronco running back Terrell Davis are rarely rewarded with a HOF nod. Longtime Saints fans sometimes became frustrated with the apparent coaching  strategy of playing for "field goal position" during Morten's time with the Saints. I have fond memories of him kicking last second game winners.