The Saints are haven't had much luck in Seattle, getting eliminated from the playoffs by the Seahawks, who, in my opinion, backed in with a 7-9 record after the 2010 season. Things didn't go well there last month, either.
Who Dat Nation is a hardy, spiritual lot. It's Mardi Gras season & there's "something in the air".  Saints fans are doing everything we can think of, from voodoo chants, to what we wear and eat.
Popeye's must be selling a LOT of fried chicken this weekend. I asked Saints fans to tell me what they're doing to help the Black & Gold win. Christine thinks she must be bad luck. She doesn't watch or listen. Higs, w/ Nik-L-Beer says, "Popeye's." LeRoy sits silently for the first half, and says,"I raise as much hell as I can in the second half." Pam wears gold pants. My colleague, Debbie Ray says, "Just my Saints shirt." I'll bet her husband likes that!
The Saints played four games against teams named after birds this season. I made "Falcon" gumbo, "Cardinal" gumbo & "Eagle" gumbo. I din't make "Seahawk" gumbo last month. That mistake has not been repeated. Just to make sure, I deboned it with my bare hands. "It's Only Weird if it doesn't work." Geaux Saints!!