What are we going to do about these drivers who overshoot the stopping lines at intersections?  This has become an epidemic in Lafayette, La.  Is it because these drivers are too busy concentrating on their cell phone conversations, in a daze, they don't know any better or just plain don't care?

This is slowing down traffic all around the city.  Two lanes of traffic, both trying to turn in the same direction, but one lane can't do anything because someone's car is sitting in the lane.  You would think the person behind the wheel of said car would try to back up even just a little out of shear embarrassment...but nooooo.  The other day, turning left onto Guilbeau from Congress, there was a driver blocking the inside turn lane because she was oblivious to the stopping line.  There was no one behind her, she could have easily backed up to make room for traffic trying to turn left...but she just STAYED THERE!  She just sat and watched as we all tried tried to avoid slamming into her car.

So what can we do about this?  Do we all just stop our cars in the middle of an intersection and have everyone just walk over, pick up the car blocking traffic and move it out of the way while the driver sits there in awe?  Do we slam into them and then take anger management classes?  Or do we just stay stuck in traffic and wait til the light cycles again and pray the next driver is paying attention?

We now have traffic cameras all over Lafayette catching speeders, drivers who run red lights, stolen cars, etc., I wonder if they can catch stupid?