What are those weird things around me in the photo from inside Graceland?  I don't know, but hundreds of people have contacted me about them.

Saturday night I put a picture of me in Graceland, taken by my son during a recent trip to Memphis the weekend of my fiftieth birthday, on the KTDY Facebook page.  Shortly after, my  KTDY email and personal Facebook message box became full with people commenting and asking about what was surrounding me in the picture.  So I had to take a closer look.

Most of you know how big an Elvis Presley fan I've been since his death in 1977.  On this particular visit to Memphis, we were treated to an outdoor concert by Lisa Marie Presley at the very first venue Elvis performed at before becoming a superstar, dinner and meet/greet with Lisa and Priscilla Presley and a one night only midnight tour of Graceland with Jeff, the Director of Tours at Graceland.

I had been many other times, but this night, there was something very very special.  You could feel it.  My son and I knew there was something in the air.  We talked about that trip everyday for weeks.  He had also been to Graceland before, but when we left the property that evening, he said, "Dad, that house was alive tonight."  And then I knew he had felt it too.  He said, "We won't be able to talk about this trip with anyone, they won't know what we're talking about.  They won't understand.  Only you and I will know what happened."

Elvis slept during the day and played at night, all night.  And I know why.  Graceland had a pulse at nighttime, a heartbeat, a vibe.  It was almost like the house also slept during the day and woke up at night just like it's famous owner.

We took many many pictures that evening.  Some inside, some outside, some with flash, some without.  And only do these "things" appear in the photos that I'm in.  There were many taken of just the house and grounds, but none of those have these "things".

Those of you who contacted me, refer to these light objects as orbs.  I had heard of orbs before but decided to review the definition.  An orb is a sphere or spherical object.  No big deal right?  But if you ask people with a spiritual conscience, the definition of an orb takes on a more spiritual/after-world type of explanation.

I don't know which definition I believe, all I can tell you is on this particular night there was something in the air in Memphis, TN.  I know it sounds crazy, but I wasn't the only one who felt it.  Nor was I the first one to bring it up.  I thought it was just me at first.  The evening was magical, that's all I can say.  My son and I were home for days before we could even watch the videos or view the pictures.  And to this day, we've not watched or viewed everything.  It's sounds nuts, but we just can't do it.  We have taken spectacular trips and have met some of the most famous people in the world, I have even cleaned, yes CLEANED Elvis Presley's grave as odd as that may be, but we both agree, this particular weekend in Memphis was the greatest trip/experience to date because of the "feeling".  That night, Graceland was alive.

One Of The Photos From Inside Graceland

CJ Inside Graceland