Are people in some professions more trustworthy than others?

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans distrust politicians, and anyone selling cars. Nurses get high marks for trustworthiness

22 professions were rated on the perceived level of their ethics and honesty. Members of Congress received very poor grades, with 54 percent of respondents saying they think Congress has “low” standards. Car salespeople, predictably didn’t fare much better, with 49 percent saying you can’t trust them.

A Congressional job is the only profession that has remained consistent since Gallup began conducting this survey more than 30 years ago.

Americans do trust health care professionals. Nurses ranked highest, followed by pharmacists and medical doctors.

Least Trusted Positions

  1. Car salespeople
  2. Members of Congress
  3. Advertising practitioners
  4. Stockbrokers
  5. HMO managers
  6. Senators
  7. Insurance salespeople
  8. Lawyers
  9. State governors
  10. Business executives

Most Trusted Positions

  1. Nurses
  2. Pharmacists
  3. Medical doctors
  4. Engineers
  5. Dentists
  6. Police officers
  7. College teachers
  8. Clergy
  9. Psychiatrists
  10. Chiropractors                                          What would be your "Top 10"?