Wide receiver Robert Meachem took his 4-year-old daughter with him to pick up his personal items and belongings at the San Diego Chargers facility after they cut him. Meachem explained he had to find another job. When he asked if she would be mad if they had to move, she said, “No,” then asked if he would “get to play for the other team.” Meachem asked what team. She answered, “Who Dat, daddy!” Dad's reply, “Yeah. I hope so.”

Meachem's hopes were realized on Tuesday. He signed a one-year contract to return to the Saints, and he was at practice Wednesday.  He spent five Season with Sean Payton's club before accepting a four year, 25+ million dollar (14 million guaranteed) contract from the Chargers. The Chargers cut him after only one season, and still owe him 5 million. Meachem was totally humiliated.

The 2007 first round pick caught 155 passes for 2,453 yards and 24 touchdowns in his 5 seasons with New Orleans and made one of the biggest plays in team history on the way to Super Bowl XLIV.

In his lone season with San Diego, Meachem totaled 14 catches for 207 yards and two touchdowns. Both of his scores came in a 31-24 Chargers loss to the Saints Oct. 7 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

He still has a house in New Orleans. Meachem says he and his wife didn’t make friends in San Diego like they had in New Orleans, adding their children “didn’t really have anybody to play with.”

The southern California media blasted him, referring to Meachem as "one of the two worst free-agent signings in Chargers history."

Sean Payton contacted Meachem the day after he was cut.

We have a pretty good idea of who the player is. He’s someone that we feel can stretch the field. He does a real good job of making plays above his head.   -Sean Payton

Quarterback Drew Brees added that he feels San Diego didn’t use Meachem “like you would’ve thought,” adding, "he looks as good as ever."

Meachem was grateful Payton called him up after the Chargers cut him loose.

“It was a conversation between a coach and a player that was well-needed for the player,” Meachem said with a smile on his face. “Maybe not for the coach, but for me, at that moment, I needed that conversation."