Earlier this week, I posted a story about a website that was selling the "God's Outhouse" t-shirts, obviously a dig at Louisiana.  Today, I see a Facebook advertisement for the product...

There was plenty of response to the story on our Facebook page, with many Louisiana residents upset about the shirt.  Complaints were sent to the company, and they defended with a statement that basically said that the shirts were products of customer design, that Cafe' Press was only the printer.

Well, this advertisement on Facebook tells me that Cafe' Press isn't just passively selling these shirts:

Facebook ad featuring the "God's Outhouse" shirt... (Facebook)


As you can see from the pic above, there was one comment, and it was from Rhonda Baudoin:

COME over here and we'll show you what our OUTHOUSE looks like.


I'm sorry to see that Cafe' Press is actively selling these designs...


(Via Facebook)