As most of you know, I have been promoting a weight loss supplement for years called Calotren.  It is all natural and I have personally experienced huge success using it.  I have to tell you though, I am so sick and tired of hearing other media outlets promoting products that 'sound like' Calotren or even claim to get the same results.  Not to mention all the products on radio, TV and in print that make claims that, using any common sense, one would have to immediately think...What A Crock!

But the fact of the matter is, Americans are getting taken for a ride to the amount of millions and millions of dollars.  You may have noticed those ads on the internet for various miracle weight loss products and how to “lose belly fat using this one weird old tip.”  Some ads even masquerade as legitimate news stories featuring network logos and fake TV journalists.  Don’t click!  The Washington Post investigated these popular ads and discovered that, unsurprisingly, the whole thing is a total scam.  The ads are part of a misleading marketing scheme by a network of companies selling questionable weight loss products.  Also be cautious of offers for free samples- you’re likely to be tricked into unwittingly signing up to receive regular shipments of products which are anything but free.  Acadiana, I hear of folks losing money on these gimmicks everyday.  I want you to know that no product is a 'miracle fix' and no product will work for everyone...but you have my word that I will never ask you to put something in your body that was not completely safe or ask you to use something that I didn't believe in...I care about you too much.  cj

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