Summers in Southern Louisiana get "a little warm," and more than a little humid. People are always looking for ways to cool off. Cold drinks, ice cream, cold beer & iced tea are summertime staples.


This may sound crazy, but spicy food & a cup of HOT tea are actually more effective at cooling your body down. They encourage perspiration. Don’t overeat. That can cause you to feel warmer. If you're craving a sweet treat, try substituting frozen yogurt for ice cream. It has a higher water content. Fruit is always a good idea, especially watermelon & cantaloupe.

Here are a few other suggestions. Run cold water over your wrists for a few seconds to reduce your body temperature.  Keep a wet washcloth in the freezer to use on your neck, knees, wrists, and feet.
Keep your body and face lotions in the fridge. That's where I keep my sunscreen, and aloe vera gel.
Silk sheets breathe well. If you don't want to Spring for that expense, some baby powder on your cotton sheets will absorb dampness.
Heat rises. The coolest air is closest to the ground.  If you use an electric fan, put it  on the floor and aim it upwards.
The fundamentals are obvious. Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing & stay hydrated. We typically think of foods like gumbo & etouffee as "winter food." Time to think outside the box!