Lafayette General Medical Center, a 353-bed facility, is the largest full-service, acute-care medical center in the nine-parish area of Acadiana.

We provide families with comprehensive medical services at every level of care, from severe emergency trauma to the common cold.

Over the years, LGMC has expanded its services and facilities to meet the community’s growing needs.Lafayette General evolved from Lafayette Sanitarium, a six-bed facility that opened in 1911, and has been a leader in health care throughout its existence.

Lafayette General Medical Center is recognized by federal and state tax laws as a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation. Although the hospital generates money by billing for its health care services, it does not pay out any revenue to shareholders, as for-profits do. Any net revenue is reinvested into the organization for new equipment, facilities, and technology to better care for the people we serve.

As the region’s only community-owned and managed hospital, all decisions are made locally by an experienced administrative team and a volunteer Membership Corporation and Board of Trustees.

At LGMC, you can count on us to stay one step ahead of the changing face of health care.

For general information, call us at (337) 289-7991 .


Information provided by: Scott Hamilton, M.D.

Kids should be playing outside most of the day – riding bicycles and skateboards, playing sports, exploring with other kids. Have them wear caps to protect from the sun’s rays and don’t forget sunscreen. It’s not just for swim time. If weather forces them indoors, indoor play should involve board games, card games, arts and crafts. Screen time [TV, computer, phone] should be limited to one hour per day ONLY.

Children can become dehydrated very quickly. Provide your child with water or a drink with electrolytes throughout the day.

Children should not drive 4-wheelers, motorized bikes or go-karts as these cases result in the most horrific injuries we see in the ER. Also, ALWAYS, ALWAYS supervise children while swimming.

Schedules get lenient during the summer months, but stick to three square meals a day for kids. They’re happier, healthier, more energetic and keep a better weight when they get three good meals per day, with no junk food or soda in the house to graze on.

Have your child bathe or shower every night. After all that outdoor activity, skin needs cleaning from sweat, cuts and bug bites. Dress all cuts and bites with ointment and bandages to avoid infections and boils.

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