Suspended Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma

is angry about being suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Vilma learned of the penalty while watching ESPN's SportsCenter.

The Saints' Defensive Captain has issued a statement, maintaining his innocence, and vows to fight the suspension.

“Commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to share any of the supposed evidence he claims supports this unprecedented punishment. The reason is clear: I never paid, or intended to pay, $10,000, or any amount of money, to any player for knocking Kurt Warner, Brett Favre or any other player, out of the 2009 divisional playoff game, 2010 NFC Championship Game, or any other game."          -Jonathan Vilma

The NFLPA has announced it will appeal the suspensions of Vilma, and 3 other players. I have a funny feeling this could end up in court.