Since Shannon has been away, I have been going to 'my' corners of the house and trying to get rid of some of the stuff that I have collected over the years.  (I am NOT a hoarder, I am 'nostalgic'!!)  Clothes that I don't wear anymore were sent to Goodwill; cell phones and chargers were donated to charity, etc.  Then I came across this:

Yes, the dreaded VHS.  Now that we have DVD, I had put all of my VHS tapes into boxes in the garage.  And then I moved them.  And moved them again.  And then, a few months later, moved them again; you get the point.  I need to make these things go away.

So I did what any other American would do:  I Googled "what should I do to get my girlfriend to quit telling me to get my junk out of her house".  Then, in very short order, I ignored all of the advice that was given, and Googled "what do I do with vhs movies".  A-ha!!  Results!

Some of the suggestions included (of course) donating them to a non-profit who will take them.  This guy is in Missouri, and his post on Mother Nature Network had a few ideas; this guy, on Yahoo! Voices, produced a video with recommendations; and on the How Stuff Works website, 4 suggestions were given.  One of the ideas that kept coming up was to go to Freecycle and see if someone would just come get them from you.

I can see it now, if you use Freecycle:  You post the VHS tapes, some guy answers your post and picks them up.  2 years down the road, HE posts them on Freecycle, some other guy picks them up.  Lather, rinse, repeat, ad naseum, until every wife in Acadiana has had Footloose and Revenge of the Nerds II:  Nerds in Paradise collect dust in their garages!