Farrah Courville, the baby from Ville Platte for whom we helped collect diapers, had her surgery this week and we received wonderful news from her Mom:

Farrah went in at 6:30 yesterday (Tuesday) morning with the intent of removing anywhere from half to the whole left kidney and the aggressive tumor was attached. Well after about 8 very long hours of her being under the knife the Dr came in and gave us the great news.

Once they were in they realized that the tumor was no on the kidney itself but around it so the kidney itself was completely saved. If that wasn't great news this was even better. He then said that the tumor he had removed was (in his terms) "dead from the Chemo" So we were so excited we just had to stop and say a special prayer of thanks.

So now Farrah is in ICU recovering from the operation and we are hoping that she'll be out by Easter but that's up to God and we will take what we can get in her best interest.

Thank you all for your prayers and support we will be in touch.