When 'Three Times A Lady' was a current song, I worked and lived in student housing at what was then called USL. I made some lifelong friends in Bonin, Evangeline and Baker-Huger back in the days when we yelled out "Man in the hall!" to announce that the vending machine guy was in the building, because males were not allowed beyond the lobby then. Well, UL is moving forward with plans to improve student housing options, and that necessitates tearing down some of the old facilities, including three of the dorms surrounding the Rose Garden, bounded by University Ave., McKinley St. and Boucher Dr.

Evangeline is already down and Bonin is in the process of asbestos abatement. On Saturday, I had to go take a look at the progress and came upon the first crush of the excavator to Baker-Huger. The buildings will soon be gone, but I will always treasure my great memories of long nights studying, late nights stumbling, and playing 'Name That Tune' on the kazoo in the stairwell. Adieu, Evangeline, Bonin and Baker-Huger!