Part of the fun of Ragin' Cajun Tailgating is playing "Dodge the Movable" game with the kids!!  The loser?  The one that gets run over, of course!

Of course, I am kidding.  I always wondered why these 'movables' were allowed at the games, so, for the sake of safety, I am glad to see that movables are no longer allowed at tailgating.   This excerpt is taken directly from the rules and regulations/guidelines page on the Ragin' Cajun website:

• Motorized carts of any kind are now prohibited in all Cajun Field parking lots and tailgating areas. This includes golf carts, four wheelers, motorized scooters, and any other type of motorized cart.

The Ragin' Cajuns' dot com website ( lists the rules and regulations dealing with everything tailgating, so read 'em, learn 'em, live 'em!!


(Via Ragin'Cajun)