McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. has initiated another recall of over-the-counter medicine. This time it's Tylenol 8Hour which was manufactured in the plant they closed in Pennsylvania before they closed it. Some consumers complained that bottles had a "musty or moldy odor." No injuries were reported, so that's good, but it got me thinking about what else might be recalled because of the way it smells. I am about to eat a salad that has blue cheese on it. How do you know when that's bad? How can something that smells like that be good?

If you think you might have some of that Tylenol, or the Rolaids they recalled in December, or the Benadryl or the Motrin, don't use it. You can check the list of products McNeil has recalled and can get a refund or a coupon good for a future purchase when you fill out a form at the McNeil Product Recall website.