Recently a 16-year-old sneaked past guards and secured areas of the new One World Trade Center building in New York and ended up at the very top of the building and today 2 guys who jumped off the tower back in September posted their video on Youtube.  One of the most iconic and supposedly secure buildings in the world, has now had a 16-year-old make his way to the top and 2 men jump from it at 3AM.  Unbelievable!

The video shows 2 men walking to the edge of One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, on September 30th and jumping off all while the camera attached to a helmet, shoots the most amazing video.

New York police have been looking for the 2 men since September.  Video footage from cameras around the area caught the jump but it's taken this long for police to make arrests.  In all, 4 guys were arrested.

But this morning, the helmet cam video was put up on Youtube.  The men are said to have been experienced BASE (building, antenna, span, earth) jumpers.

It's very likely these 2 men were the very first people to jump off the new Freedom Tower.  They broke the law, but the video is really amazing.