We originally published this back when the Cajuns made their first trip to the New Orleans Bowl back in 2011 and thought we'd share it again!


Lafayette and Acadiana are going Ragin Cajun crazy over UL's appearance in the R & L Carriers New Orleans Bowl on December 17, vs. San Diego State! There are lots of celebrations and tributes planned for before the game and for fans who will make the trip to NOLA. Our old buddy Robert Harris, aka 'King Rob' is responsible for one that's sure to become legendary. He joined us today to recite 'Twas the Night Before the New Orleans Bowl' live in the studio for KTDY listeners, and told us that it began on facebook with John Claude Arceneaux of the UL Alumni office, then was finished by Robert. In this recording, Robert recites the new Ragin Cajuns' tale in his famous unique Cajun style. Click the green arrow to listen or scroll down for the written version.

'Twas the Night Before the New Orleans Bowl

'Twas’ the night before the Bowl,
when all through the Quarter,
Every Cajun was partying,
moms, sons, dads and daughters.

The flags were all hung
in dat big Dome with care,
In hopes dat Coach Hud
would soon pass himself there

at cafe du monde
da powdered sugar was flying
it was a great cajun party
and you know i ain't lying

when out in da square
dere was all kind of noise
it was a loud Cajun cheer
for our big football boys

Hud was in front
and leading the team
it was a magical march
or so it did seem

down past the brewery
den across canal street
heading straight to da dome
to a sweet Cajun beat

the excitement was high
and the fans, dey was crazy
if you weren't moving
mais, you mus' be plain lazy!

the stadium filled up
and the ref flipped the coin
if you weren't a fan
you still had time to join

the fans all went wild
when the cajuns first scored
den we all screamed much louder
when dey scored more and more

the cajuns went on to win
and we were all feelin' right
happy bowlin' to all
on dis historic night!