You may remember last year about this time, when Robert 'King Rob' Harris visited KTDY to recite his version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas honoring the Ragin' Cajuns trip to the New Orleans Bowl. (Click here to watch the original.) Well, he's at it again with a tribute to the Cajuns' second trip! His new masterpiece is called The Night Before the New Orleans Bowl, Part Deux. Enjoy! And GEAUX CAJUNS!

Robert "KingRob" Harris: The Night Before da New Orleans Bowl, Part Deux

'Twas the night before the bowl
and I was in the big easy
I was just a tad nervous
and my stomach was queasy

de Cajuns were pumped up
dey were practicing hard
the quarterback, receivers
the tackles and guards

Hud had his boys ready
he knew what to do
mais, we been here before
it’s like deja vu

dey been dere before
get on wit’ da show
march into that dome
and GEAUX Cajuns GEAUX!

The flags were all hung
in dat big dome wit’ care
cuz Hud and his boys
would soon pass demselves dere

at Cafe du Monde
the powdered sugar was flyin'
it was a great Cajun party
and you know I aint lieing!

da fans were all huddled
all over the quarter
dey had a few drinks
and I don't think it was water

den out in the square
dere was plenty of noise
it was a loud Cajun cheer
for our big football boys

Hud was in front
wit' the team right behind
there was so much excitement
I about lost my mind

Down past the brewery
den across Canal Street
heading to Poydras
wit' some fast moving feet

The team took the field
the fans got to their seats
but it didn't take long
until we were all on our feets

the fans all went crazy
when our Cajuns first scored
then we screamed even louder
when dey scored more and more

it was offense and defense
and our special teams
it took a long time
but now we're livin' da dream

We scored lots of points
even more than we hoped
You know good things happen
when you hold on to dat rope

The Cajuns , dey won
an' we were feelin' alright
happy bowlin' to all
on dis historic night!