Siri can't pronounce our Cajun names, but you can train her to say them properly!

Let's face it: our Cajun heritage doesn't give us the easiest names to pronounce:  Broussard, Brasseaux, Thibodeaux, Breaux, Clement....  sure, they are easy for us, because we grew up with these names, but for robots like Siri?  She just takes the letters and reads 'em, getting them wrong more often than not.

Today I learned that there is an easy way to train Siri to pronounce the names right, and it's outlined on this Yahoo! Tech page.

Just a few easy steps:

  1. Call up Siri and say the name that she has been mispronouncing.  Siri will "bring up" the contact information.
  2. After she brings up the contact information, access Siri again, and say "That's not how you pronounce "Antoine Champagne" (or whatever name you have in your contacts that she is mispronouncing).  She will then ask you to pronounce "Antoine" for her.
  3. After you do that, and you confirm the pronunciation, she will do the same with the person's last name.
  4. Confirm that one, and you are done!  Well, at least you are done with ONE of your contacts....

It might be a little time-consuming if you have several names in your contacts that she misprounces, but it is a cool way to personalize your Siri, and make her (an honorary?) Cajun!!


(Via Yahoo!)