Traffic, the economy and unkind people will not ruin Christmas in Lafayette.  Many people say many of us have lost the meaning of Christmas, but have we?  I believe we all have the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts, it' just that some of our external actions my demonstrate differently.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well Acadiana.  I see people still doing good things for others, I still hear laughter at holiday gathering and maybe the fact that people rush stores for sale items just means they want to get gifts that really mean something to the people on their Christmas list.  After all, the economy is not in great shape and maybe the only way to get little Johnny what he wants for Christmas is by finding it on sale.  And we all know parents will do anything for their Children.

I was invited to dinner the other night and many people were there, some I knew and some I didn't.  There was a fire in the fireplace, a beautiful Chrismas tree, children running all over, and a little Yorkie that kept us entertained most of the evening.  There was great food and desserts accompanied by much conversation and laughter.  The Saints were on the big screen, they won by the way, and a light rain outside was bringing the cold front.

I think that's when I realized, everything is fine.  The meaning of Christmas is still alive and well.  Family, food, children, the angels that adorned the top of the tree, Christmas music, hugs of love upon arrival and at the end of the's all still there.

I didn't spend any money that evening, I didn't fight traffic, I just enjoyed people...good people.  People with love in there hearts and the ability to show it to others.

Just because that evening is now the past, the feeling is still in my heart and mind.  I hope to have many more invitations to other warm holiday gathering this holiday season.

So why can't things be this way all year long?  Why have those "special" feelings just at a certain time of year?  My thought is, if you can feel love in your heart and have the desire to reach out to others for two months out of 12, why don't we do it the other ten?  That doesn't mean we have to buy someone a big screen TV every month.  Being friendly, nice, kind, loving, laughing, caring, sharing and the celebration of Christ is something that doesn't require any money, not much of our time, and if your a good person should come relatively easy.

Let's try not to let traffic, the economy, or that family member(s) who has no idea what the meaning of happiness is, get in the way of the good things in life that only require you opening your eyes in the morning.

Merry Christmas!