Traffic Cameras have caught people doing crazy things in vehicles, but when snow and ice take control, it's just not pretty.


Starting today, Acadiana is under a winter weather advisory and over the next 48 hours will more than likely see freezing rain, sleet and snow, yes all three.  Ice being the worst of all.  Ice freezes and breaks pipes, the weight breaks trees and essentially power lines and is treacherous to drive on.  Coupled with weather events such as sleet and snow, and my friend, you have the recipe for a day at home.

The problem with having these conditions in Louisiana is we simply aren't equipped to deal with snow and ice.  We don't have an army of salt trucks and snow plows to maintain roadways during these type conditions.  And quite honestly, down South, we aren't real good at maneuvering 2 ton metal objects over snow and ice.

Take a look at what traffic cameras captured during snow and ice events.  And a bonus video from Russia that will have you thinking everyone there must drink lots of Vodka.

Traffic Cameras

Russian Drivers