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According to a new poll, the majority of us end up out of a relationship simply because we just fell out of love. Cosmo polled over 1,400 women on why their past relationships ended. Here’s what they found.

1. We just fell out of love. (39.7%)
2. He cheated. (36.6%)
3. He lied about something, and I couldn’t trust him again. (29.3%)
4. We were always fighting and realized we shouldn’t be together. (29.1%)
5. (Tie) He stopped doing sweet, romantic things for me. (21.1%)
5. (Tie) I missed being single and dating around. (21.1%)
7. He wasn’t very ambitious when it came to his career. (20.6%)
8. One of us moved. (20.2%)
9. He didn’t get along with my friends and family. (18.9%)
10. The sex was bad. (15.7%)

The survey also found that more relationships ended because the guy wanted to take the next step, but the woman didn’t.