Today is National Oatmeal Cookie Day.  It's also National Honesty Day.   I could have written about either, I choose cookies!  Lets discuss cookies.  Is oatmeal your favorite?  Chocolate Chip?  Macadamia?

Do you like a crunchy cookie or soft and moist cookies?  Now there are probably a few of you thinking computer cookies...ah no.  Let's try the ones you eat.  What is the perfect cookie?  Does it have to be a certain size?  Thick or thin?  That makes me think of Thin Mints, wow, don't you just love Thin Mints?  I can eat a whole box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in about 3 minutes.  Who sells the perfect cookie?  Do you buy name brand cookies or an off brand like the ones at CVS?  You know who else sells a great tasting cookie?  Dollar General.  My favorite right now may just be the raspberry cheesecake cookies at Subway.

Here are some great cookie recipes you can make at home.