Some people seem to feel they have to have the "latest & greatest." Not me. That being said, technology advances because there's always someone looking for a more efficient way to do things.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Apple has just introduced two new iphones, 5C & 5S. I have a 4S, & I'm not rushing out to get a new one. I downloaded  ios 7 last night.  There's a learning curve.
If you need help navigating ios 7, or your new iphone, here are some tips.
#1 You can now navigate the home screen by swiping from the edges, in addition to the existing method of touching icons.
#2 Photos are automatically organized chronologically. You can't reorganize them.
#3 You can make Siri male. (Why would you want to?)
#4 Free apps that you previously had to pay for.
#5 You can unlock your phone with a fingerprint.
If you're about to download ios 7, be prepared to be without the use of your phone for 30-40 minutes.