The man said, "Time is love" and then explained what he meant.  He opened my eyes and touched my heart.

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A few nights ago, a friend invited me over for a gathering at his home.  The get-together was in honor of a friend of his, from India, who had flown in for just a couple of days.  I had never met him so of course didn't know much about him.

After a short visit, I said my goodbyes, a few folks walked me to the car including the gentleman from India.  He told me a few things before I got in the car that really affected me.  Both my heart and mind were wooed.

This stranger from a land far far away explained to me how much he loves Lafayette, La.  Going so far as to say, "There's no other place like it".  He said, "I have traveled all over the world and this ground is sacred.  The people here are a loving people who embrace each other.  People who love their heritage and culture, who believe in family.  You all may take this place for granted, but you need to realize what you have here."  He went on and on about Lafayette.  He said he feels at home here.  When he stepped off the plane,  "I feel like I'm home", he said.  He complimented us for being much like the people of his country.  Like us, they believe in their roots and would honor those roots till their dying breath.

Having heard these wonderful words about Lafayette was great, but it's the lesson he gave me about "time" that made me most emotional.

He spoke of a young boy who had done chores around the house and neighborhood in an attempt to raise $60.  You see, that's the amount of money his Dad made at his job, per hour.  After raising the money, the young man didn't spend it on candy, a new pair of tennis shoes or anything materialistic for that matter.  The boy gave the $60 to his Dad and asked him to spend one hour with him.  I almost had tears running down my face right there on the side of the road, but held them back.

Having children of my own, and knowing that I wasn't always there, this really did tear me apart.  I would venture to say, most parents these days would have felt the same way.  He said, "Just remember, time is love".

This article doesn't even scratch the surface of everything my new Indian friend said to me.

Mr. Anand Powar, thank you for your kind words about this wonderful area we call Acadiana and to my dear friend Dominic Billeaud, thank you for inviting me over to your home.  To be honest, I didn't know it would be such a moving experience.

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