At the Reynolds' home, Girl Scout cookies are welcome visitors each year. We have tried and enjoy all of the flavors, but our top three favorites are Tagalongs (peanut butter patties), Samoas, and last, but not least, Thin Mints.

Ah, that magical combination of chocolate and peppermint. Fewer culinary pairings are so perfect and so beloved, especially at our house. And because of that, we go through our Girl Scout cookies quickly. As in, they don't always last longer than two to three days. And while I am a regular and generous supporter of The Girl Scouts of America, which does great work to positively influence girls, waiting for "Girl Scout Cookie Season" to roll around is unbearable.

So I share with you this recipe. These aren't the real deal, but they're very close. They should tide you over until you're able to buy more.

Let me know if you think they stack up to the official Thin Mints on Facebook!