Here are a few things I'd like my kids to remember long after I have vanished from this Earth...

Be nice, first.

Failure, hurt, and pain are part of life.

Say thank you.

Work hard.

Live!, 'cause tomorrow's not promised.

Smile...even when you don't feel like it.

Strong means sometimes having to be weak and sometimes being weak makes you have to be Strong.

Be proud.



Give without expecting a thing in return...and if it happens...give it away.

Don't drink and drive.

Make eye contact.

Know you are loved.

When someone says Who, say Dat!

Have a pet or a plant before you have children.



Sometimes the way you look matters.

When you're wrong, apologize.

Be polite.

He who speaks the softest...gets heard. (I need to work on this one)

Always have jumper cables.

Sing, even if you can't.

iPhones can't give you a hug.

Tell your parents you love them.

Be Happy!