The U.S. is a huge country, with a diverse population. It's not surprising, people from various parts of the country have stereotypes about the folks in other regions.
Here are 10 stereotypes about Louisianans that are actually right on the money.

#1 We'll celebrate anything. We have festivals to celebrate everything from frogs, to sugarcane, rice, crawfish, shrimp, Boudin, and buggys.

#2 If you're in trouble We'll help you. It doesn't matter if we know you or not. Go to Vermilion Parish and ask what people did after Hurricane Rita. Louisianans are also among the nation's leading contributors to charitable causes.

#3 Family is EVERYTHING. Be careful about badmouthing anyone. You might be talking to one of their relatives. That could get ugly.

#4 Baton Rouge vs New Orleans. It's a blood feud.Baton Rouge has industry. New Orleans has culture.

#5 EVERYBODY is a Saints fan...even Santa Claus. During the "Bag year" of 1980, people wore bags over their heads at Saints games, but they still went!

#6 Fais Do Do means boiled crawfish!

#7 We'll talk your ear off. I've had heartfelt conversations with cashiers at the grocery store, and other customers while waiting.

#8 We make sure to get our "Vitamin B"...Booze

#9 When we dress for work, we prepare for sunshine, and rain in the same day.

#10 Nothing keeps us down, hurricanes, floods, the worst oil spill in US history, we keep on plugging, and can always manage a smile.

If you're a Louisiana resident, I haven't told you anything you don't already know. If you've never been here, stop by. We're proud of our hospitality.